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UtiliMapper Professional FieldSoftware Kit + DataView

Mobile Utility Suite – UtiliMapper Professional FieldSoftware Kit + DataView



UtiliMapper running on a Trimble GNSS handheld connects via bluetooth to a variety of pipe and cable locators.  This allows for a multitude of uses including: Utility Infrastructure Mapping, Depth of Cover Surveys, Centerline Surveys, Locate Markouts, One Call Updates, GIS Accuracy Assessments, and much more.  You can now stream all of your locate information directly into Utilimapper via a bluetooth connection. Additionally, UtiliMapper supports multiple lines per job. Keep track of Alert interval, station value, depth of cover and Line ID uniquely with each line without having to create independent jobs. The new version also supports a PODS database model, with multiple feature relation back to the collected location. Additionally, Utilimapper users who choose to use the inspection module get a pre-created PODS compatible Physical inspection template.

UtiliMapper supports a full list of locators, and peripheral sensors for offset asset mapping including the TruPulse® 360b laser rangefinder.

Supported Locators Include:

  • Metrotech i5000™
  • Radiodetection RD4000
  • Radiodetection RD8000
  • Radiodetection PCM
  • Radiodetection PCM+
  • Vivax vLocPro™
  • Vivax vLocDM™
  • Vivax vLocML™
  • 3M Dynatel 2250M Cable/Pipe Locator

Supported Sensors:

  • Baracoda Bluetooth barcode Scanners
  • Integrated Trimble Barcode Scanners
  • Integrated Trimble Digital Cameras
  • Laser Technology Inc. TruPulse Series Laser Range Finders

Utilimapper 5.1 Features and Improvements:

  • A greatly improved main user interface, with enlarged location collection icon and shortcut to “QuickFeatures.”
  • Display of R for “Real Time” corrected data and U for “Uncorrected” data on the status bar.
  •  *Complete “One Button Operation” with underground line locators.
  • Implementation of Line Types for collection of repetitive location types.
  •  Support for Line Colors for default lines, such as: Water, Temporary Service, Sewers, Reclaimed Water, Proposed Excavation, Gas, Electric and Communications.
  • Complete customization of Jobs, Lines, Locations, Units, Spans and QuickFeatures to support user defined info fields, as well as other GIS considerations.
  •  Implementation of “gestures” for zooming in and out on the map.
  • Full support of Pathfinder Office 4.20 features, including less stringent satellite quality settings for improved satellite yield.
  •  Accuracy based logging support
  • New LTI 360B interface for improvement to laser offset functionality.
  •  Improvements to Station collection, including new Laser streaming of stations.
  • Current Position Coordinate Menu item so that you can view the coordinates of your current location in, Decimal Degrees, Degrees Minutes Seconds and in the selected Coordinate Systems Northing/Easting in the field.
  •  **Support of NMEA receivers
  • Improvements to Span Off feature. In past versions, features were placed on a tangent to the line if done in certain directions.
  •  Improved Navigation Screen with Deflection Angle to 1/10th of a degree and Deflection Offset down to 1/1000th of a foot.
  • Redo of the last locations units and spans is now an option on the location “drop down menu.”
  •  Save and Apply templates are now an option on the location drop down menu.
  • New Category function for separating units into groups or “folders”.
  •  Add unit screen now remembers Category, Unit Status and Unit Quantity between locations.
  • Add Previous Span option added into the unit collection screen.
  •  When applying a template or redo, the units/spans applied will be reported to the user.
  • Edit Location capability added back into the location grid view.
  •  Center Map added into location grid view
  • PPA and CEA added into the status bar for Quick Feature collection.
  •  Ability to change quick feature collection rate, by intervals of 2 seconds.
  • UtiliMapper now retains VRS settings and OmniStar frequency even after exiting.
  •  If an SD card is present, UtiliMapper will write all pictures and SSF files to the SD card. It will also view background information from the SD card if a Background folder is created.