Carlson Surveyor2 Now Available!

Monday, Carlson announced the latest version of their popular software, Surveyor2. Bundles will range in price from $3650 to $4700, depending on the hardware solution that fits your needs. Surveyor2 Standard comes with a 1Ghz processor, 512 MB/8G RAM data storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4.3 inch VGA display, 10600 maH Lithium ion battery and more. Surveyor2 Cell comes with a Standard model plus GSM cell modem. Surveyor2 Geo comes with standard model plus internal GNSS receiver and 5MP camera. Surveyor2 Geo Cell comes with standard model, internal GNSS receiver, 5 MP camera plus GSM cellular modem. Please call us today to set up a demo or discuss your questions about this fantastic new product.



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