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3/17 Webinar: Trimble Catalyst & ESRI Field Maps Update Overview

ESRI Field Maps Overview & Update and Introducing Trimble Catalyst Webinar! Jeff Shaner from ESRI will introduce ESRI Field Maps as well as go over FieldMaps as well as the following: •  FieldMaps Overview •  FieldMaps Key Capabilities •  FieldMaps Road map This webinar provides overview of the new DA2 receiver and how the Catalyst GNSS

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5 Useful Trimble Forensics Software Tools for Investigations

5 Useful Trimble Forensics Software Tools for Investigations This week, Chris takes us through his top 5 features in Trimble Forensics Capture, Reveal and RealWorks software that proved to be very useful during his crash and crime scenes investigations. If you would like your favorite feature to make the list, feel free to leave a

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An Alternative way to Differentially Correct your GNSS Data in Mississippi using Trimble’s Pathfinder Office Software

Have you have been collecting GNSS data in Mississippi only to find out that several base stations in the Trimble Pathfinder Office Differential Correction (DC) wizard don’t seem to work properly when you try to post process your data? Does this message look familiar?    …“Unable to extract base data from….” There are several issues that can cause

Announcement: Trimble Terra Office

We are pleased to announce a new brand name for our desktop GIS software: Trimble Terra Office. The first product to carry the name is Trimble Terra Office add-in for ArcMap, which replaces both Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-in, and supports the new offline GNSS corrections for TerraFlex and existing desktop

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Are you tired of Esri’s ArcPad Low Memory errors on your Trimble Mobile Device?

Esri’s ArcPad is a wonderful field collection software for those users interesting in working directly within the ArcGIS environment while utilizing a check-in and check-out process.  This is ideal for data maintenance because a user can zoom into a particular area of interest, pick the features they want to edit or view, and then check them out to

Augmented Reality for Surveyors

Augmented Reality for Surveyors Trimble has just released SiteVision for Windows, which is available on the Trimble TSC7 and T7 controllers when combined with the new R12i GNSS System. This combination brings a host of benefits including: Works with the new Trimble R12i GNSS+Inertial System Operates on the large 7” screen in full daylight conditions

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C4Gnet.XYZ Real-Time Network Now Supports BeiDou!

USE GPS – GLONASS – GALILEO – BEIDOU TODAY To get all 4 constellations in a network solution, you will need to use either the PPP_GNSS_CMRx_NAD83 (for Trimble only rovers) or PPP_GNSS_RTCM3_2_NAD83 (for all rovers). You will also get all 4 constellations using a Nearest Single Base mountpoint.  These start with prefix NSB and are

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Detailed Info – What’s New in Trimble Access 2021.10

New Features Layer Manager for managing linked files and feature layers The new Layer manager feature enables you to easily control the files and data shown in the map. This means you can manage all files linked to the job and can make features visible and/or selectable in the map and in the Video screen. You can access Layer manager from

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Dive Deeper into Trimble RealWorks

Join Trimble RealWorks Product Manager Jason Hayes to master the most commonly used RealWorks Viewer tools in this 13-minute Tutorial video. Then, download a dataset to practice with (note that project data can only be saved with a licensed version of the RealWorks software). After watching the Tutorial, if you have specific questions or want

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Don’t miss this Webinar! Mobile Mapping Essentials: Publish and Share your Data Online with TMX Publisher

  Mobile Mapping Essentials: Publish and Share your Data Online with TMX Publisher Find out how mobile mapping data can be published and shared inside or outside of your organization using TMX Publisher. See how plugins facilitate mobile mapping data navigation and feature extraction in your daily office workflows. Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 Time: 10:30

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Elevate Your eCognition Skills: How to use high-resolution imagery and Lidar products for object-based image analysis

Hemlocks are a vital natural resource throughout the eastern United States and are threatened by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA), a non-native, invasive insect. Management efforts are underway throughout the hemlock’s range to monitor and protect them against HWA damage. During this session, we are joined by Jonathan Mikolin, who will take a deep dive

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EPC Company Saves Clients Time and Money with Augmented Reality

The Challenge: ONEC is a mid-sized EPC company that provides comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services throughout Western Canada and the U.S., serving clients in the oil and gas, utilities, and industrial sectors. ONEC has seen rapid growth even in this challenging environment by leveraging their innovative spirit and exceeding their clients’ expectations. ONEC uses

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Exporting TerraSync Field Data (SSF) straight out of the Trimble GNSS Device

Exporting TerraSync Data Files to an Esri Shapefile directly from a Trimble GNSS Device There may be times when you have to export your TerraSync field data (SSF file) right from the data collector and the process is pretty straight forward.  Keep in mind that if you did not receive real-time corrections during your field

Geospatial Weekly Newsletter: June-2022

Trimble Access v2022.00 Now Available Trimble Access v2022.00 software was released this week, and includes new features and functionality for General Survey, Roads and Tunnels. What’s New Blog Post   TBC v5.70 Now Available Trimble Business Center (TBC) was released this week, and includes new features and functionality for scan inspection, aerial photogrammetry and tunneling workflows. What’s

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