Critical Information Regarding Microsoft Update and ArcGIS




Critical Information   Regarding Microsoft Update and ArcGIS
A recent Microsoft update (deployed as KB 2732673, KB 2775511, or KB 2824408) may   result in data corruption when using ArcGIS on a Windows 7 system and writing   data to remote data storage on a Windows Vista, 7, 2008/2008 R2, or 2012   system. This data corruption appears as truncation of a write request and has   shown up in file geodatabases and shapefiles.Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, identified the   affected component as RDBSS.sys, and provided
further details.Esri and Microsoft are working closely to understand what has   changed in the RDBSS.sys component and
how to resolve the problem.

Microsoft recommends not installing the above-referenced   updates.

How Microsoft Made These   Updates Available

KB 2732673 and KB 2824408 are hotfixes to address specific   issues. The KB 2775511 update is a cumulative update that is available   exclusively at   Because it is available only through the Windows update catalog, the KB   2775511 update is not considered a security update by Microsoft and is not   being deployed broadly.

What You Need to Do

  • If you have not yet installed the        patches listed above, do not install them, per Microsoft’s        recommendation.
  • If you have installed the patches        listed above, Microsoft recommends uninstalling them until a solution
    is found.


See Esri Knowledge Base   article 41119 for further information and updates.

See Microsoft Knowledge Base   articles for more information on Microsoft updates:

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