Introducing Trimble Business Center Version 3.60

Introducing Trimble Business Center Version 3.60


We are pleased to announce Trimble Business Center software v3.60. This release provides many new tools and enhancements in CAD, Drafting, Network Adjustment, Feature Code Processing, and much more.

Some of the new workflows include the ability to:

  • Automatically label entire projects using features codes
  • Reprocess feature codes on-the-fly
  • Add corridor profiles and curve tables to drafting sheets
  • View and store details measurements in Station View and 3D View
  • Use Hz and Vt offsets to save time in the field
  • Design quickly and with confidence with new CAD snaps and grips
  • Perform 5 and 7 parameter Helmert or least-squares coordinate transformation with a Transformation Report
  • Hold azimuth and distance fixed in network adjustment

To learn more about the many additional features in TBC v3.60 including enhanced GNSS baseline processing, new network adjustment options, and optical observation management, see the TBC v3.60 Release Notes and other materials on

More Information:

To watch tutorial videos on the latest features in Trimble Business Center and more, visit our YouTube channel.

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