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Welcome. The latest edition of LiDAR Magazine is now available!

Thanks to your support, we have expanded to 80+ pages. The range of articles this month is impressive—from our visit to Riegl LMS in Austria to documenting the Costa Concordia; from face scanning to 3D printing and a whole lot more. The print magazine is being distributed this week at INTERGEO in Germany; next week at GEOINT in Tampa and the 3D Documentation Conference in Orlando; later this month at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure in London. Can’t forget CaGIS/ASPRS.

I have seen a number of interesting videos during the past week for software products that could be used with point clouds, but nothing more impressive than this link to one from Lucasfilm that demonstrates the possibility of rendering point clouds in real time. That would change things.

If you’re here in Essen and would like to meet, drop me a line. If you couldn’t make it, enjoy the new edition! Click the cover to the left for the complete magazine or browse individual articles below. Happy reading.

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Launching at Intergeo, Pointfuse™ uses its proprietary technology to convert point clouds into vector models in minutes. Pointfuse can be used with data from any source, including mobile and terrestrial scanners. With truly automatic object recognition and feature extraction, Pointfuse is a ground-breaking software solution. See Pointfuse at INTERGEO in Booth D3.046, Hall 3 – or try our cloud service now at

New Articles from Vol 3, No 5…


From   the Editor: The Surveying Profession—Time for Change
Recap: INTERGEO is the world’s leading conference trade fair for geodesy,   geoinformation and land management. With over half a million event website   users and more than 16,000 visitors from 80 countries it is BIG. For the   first time I will be attending this year’s event which is being held in ….
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Innovation   In 3D—Riegl Laser Measurement Systems
With great anticipation we attended the 2013 Riegl User Conference held in   June in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. In grand Viennese tradition,   265 attendees from more than 40 countries were treated to quality at every   level, from the ….
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Scanning   Moving Objects Using LiDAR
The last decade has witnessed LiDAR becoming one of the most commonly   mentioned technologies within the geospatial community and many others, while   being used in a wide variety of applications—some of which were not even   thought of 10 years ago. This is part of a transition from 2D ….
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Integrating   LiDAR and Sonar Data for the Costa Concordia Wreck
In early 2012 Codevintec, an Italian technology supplier for the earth   sciences and geomatics industry for over 40 years, received an unusual call   from the Crisis Team of Vigili ….
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Point   Clouds, Scalable Terrain Models Support Electrification Program
The Great Western railway electrification program represents an investment of   GBP 1.5 billion that will allow faster, quieter travel, with increased   seating capacity, and improved reliability ….
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3D   Print of the Turner Valley Gas Plant
3D printing of scalable reproductions from laser scan data is emerging as a   powerful method of support for historical preservation projects. This article   will provide a detailed look at the workflow required to produce a scale   model for an important historical site in Alberta, Canada. The Turner ….
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The   Ohio Department of Transportation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems
The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has been an innovator in   geospatial technologies for the past several years -provide spatial data, software   and support not only to internal customers, but also ….
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How   You Can Get Involved with Unmanned Aerial Systems
I recently moved from Dallas to Austin, Texas to take a position with   Surveying And Mapping, Inc (SAM, Inc.). We chose to live downtown on the   fourth and top floor at our apartment complex with a deck that looks across   the lake towards Zilker Park. The park is home to the Austin City Limits ….
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Scaling   LiDAR
More and more organizations are turning to LiDAR as a source for data   collection— and for good reason. LiDAR produces timely, accurate and high   quality data that can address a number of applications. As a result, LiDAR is   a key technology for terrain mapping supported by the United States ….
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Application   of Structured Light Scanning in Generating a 3D Human Head Model
In many computer graphic applications such as animation, computer games, human   computer interaction and virtual reality, the creation of 3D models of human   bodies is required. To describe a person, the appearance of ….
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Automated   Methods Using LiDAR Data for Breakline Validation
Breaklines are vector features (lines and polygons) that are created to   ensure the accuracy and cartographic quality of a topographic data product   such as a digital terrain model (DTM) or orthophotography. Due to the site   specific and/or regional variability of topography and manmade ….
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Using   Open Standards to Integrate LiDAR and Geoprocessing
In the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Web Services Activity Phase 9 (OWS-9)   Testbed, a service implementing the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) Interface   Standard was developed to serve LiDAR data in the High Resolution Elevation   Format (HRE). HRE is used by US National ….
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Industry   Pioneers: Lewis Graham, President/CTO, GeoCue Group
I guess I am the exception to the rule. My father was in the construction   business, among many others—however he could make a buck, so it was never a   question for me. I was always wanted to be a civil engineer. My mother used   to have a copy of my eighth grade guidance report ….
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Random   Points: Running a Software Business
I have been doing a lot of work on strategy for my company over the past few   months. Something I recently read about strategy made me think “I am   going to write some commentary about that!” So this article deviates   from the usual technical part of our businesses to speak a bit about ….
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The   Business of Laser Scanning: Gorillas in the Mist
State of the Nation: Let’s start by taking a snapshot of the current 3d   imaging industry. Here’s a few of the highlights: There is tremendous   opportunity within those 3d imaging markets that have started to adopt the   technology; and even far greater opportunity in yet untapped ….
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The fully integrated Dual LiDAR Channel RIEGL LMS-Q1560 introduces a new     era in airborne laser mapping: Providing up to 800 kHz PRR and 530,000     points/sec on the ground it can be used at up to 15,500 feet AGL. Operation     at varying flight altitudes allows for surveying ultra wide areas as well     as complex urban environments. Get informed on RIEGL’s state of the art     laser scanning portfolio – meet us at the RIEGL booth D3.030, Hall 3     at INTERGEO.


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