Need to Find Buried Utilities? New Solution from Schonstedt


Need to Find Buried Utilities?

Here’s a great NEW Solution from Schonstedt!

We are pleased to announce the next evolution in the Schonstedt line of pipe & cable locators.
It’s the XTpc+ — Precise, Powerful & Quick.

NEW XTpc+ Multi-Frequency
Pipe & Cable Locator

The most ergonomic, lightweight and compact pipe and cable locator on the market
Schonstedt’s new Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator is soon to become the industry standard for all utilities: Electrical and Telecommunications • Water and Sewer • Gas • Underground Construction
·        Affordable—Priced within the range of single-frequency locators
·        Adjustable—5-watts of power, 4 levels of power
·        Rechargeable batteries—60 to 70 locates on a full charge
·        Back-lit transmitter display—easy to read indicators.
·        Measurement Mode—Alerts operator of live AC/DC voltage when connected to underground utility
·        Improved Continuity Check—displays current (mA) to improve direct connection & locate performance
·        Schonstedt 3-year warranty—best in the industry

XTpc+ Standard Features

  • Affordability – Priced at the range of a single-frequency style locators.
  • Versatile – 512 Hz, 33 kHz and 82 kHz plus 50/60 Hz passive and
    512 Hz sonde detection.
  • Adjustable – 5-watts of power, 4 levels of power.
  • Rechargeable batteries – 60 to 70 locates on a full charge.
  • Back-lit transmitter display – Easy to read indicators.
  • Measurement Mode – Alerts operator of ’live’ AC/DC voltage when
    connected to underground utility.
  • Improved Continuity Check – Displays current (mA) to improve direct
    connection & locate performance.
  • Receiver – Auto & manual gain plus depth measurement.
  • Schonstedt’s 3-year warranty – Best in the industry.

NEI is now taking orders. Click here to purchase

More on the NEW XTpc+ on the NEW Schonstedt Website:
PS: Tracemaster II series coming to an end
The new XTpc+ will replace the Tracemaster II product line. On March 31, 2015, we will cease taking orders for Tracemaster II locators. The 3-year warranty will be honored and we will provide repair service and parts beyond the warranty period as supplies last.


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