Now Available! Trimble TerraFlex Advanced and enhancements in Data Manager and Equipment Manager


Trimble Tflex updates


Trimble recently announced the release of Trimble® TerraFlex™ Advanced edition software, which supports data update workflows. TerraFlex Advanced gives you the ability to import your existing location-based, asset or GIS data into the field and update a wide range of attributes in real-time, no matter what device you use. With TerraFlex Advanced you are always working with up-to-the-minute information.


  • TerraFlex Advanced edition: Data update workflows allow users to import pre-existing or pre-collected asset or GIS data into TerraFlex projects, make real-time updates to it in the field, and share that information across the project organization. Users can:
    • Import existing data from shapefiles
    • Create field collection templates from existing attribute tables/layers
    • Create tasks:
      • Show task progress in field
      • Show task progress in office
    • Push existing data to field users
    • Update geometries by field users
    • Update attributes by field users
    • Update attributes by office users

To help you begin Trimble has provided some introductory overview materials of TerraFlex Advanced on their website. View on-demand a recorded webinar “TerraFlex – Introducing Data Update Workflows“, and get started today!


Further InSphere Updates and Enhancements


Equipment Manager –  Equipment Manager enables geospatial enterprises to unify management of all assets. The software expands to support more asset types, including non-Trimble devices, accessories, and any other asset types you define, and service scheduling so you can keep equipment properly maintained.

Data Manager – Data Manager allows you to securely access, search, visualize and share your geospatial information. The software now expands support for more data types, including all features from TBC files, TGO files and TerraFlex data, and provides capabilities for users to keep data organized.

Please click on the images to watch a short video, visit the Trimble InSphere website  or call NEI for more information.

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