PDH/GISP-Eligible Geospatial Training Workshops – Norcross, GA


Nei is excited to offer 4 new Advanced Geospatial Training Workshops in our Norcross, GA office that will be instructed by our award winning Trimble Certified Trainer.   Come join us for these specialized technical workshops focusing on Trimble’s TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office software, and you will leave being more productive using streamlined workflows and more confident in your data.  The cost will be $250/workshop or $750 for all four and these workshops are eligible for PDH and GISP credits for those who may need some hours for their professional development requirements.



Field Data Collection using Trimble TerraSync Software

Thursday June 5th, 8am – 12pm


Are you a new Trimble user?   Maybe you just need a quick refresher on field data collection.  Or you want to get the most out of using the TerraSync software and become more proficient with it.  If this sounds familiar, then come join nei’s Eric Bock for this ½ workshop and you will leave with a better understanding of the Trimble TerraSync Software and become more productive with your field data collection.


Workshop Topics Include:

  • TerraSync Overview
    • SkyPlot, Data, Navigation, Map, Setup Menus
    • TerraSync Setup
      • Logging Settings
      • Real-time Settings
      • Load Background Image
      • Basic Data Collection Field Session
        • Point, Line, Area
        • Advanced Data Collection Field Session
          • Nesting, Offsets, Repeat
          • Waypoints and Navigation Field Session





Creating an effective Data Dictionary and working with Pictures

Thursday June 5th, 1pm – 5pm


Have you been collecting data using the “Generic” data dictionary (DDF) inside of TerraSync?  Are you tired of filling out that paper form?  Maybe you want to add in some intelligent data capture to your existing data dictionary.  Well then, its time for you to kick it up a notch and implement a data dictionary that covers all of your basis.  In this session, we will dive head first into Trimble’s Data Dictionary Editor and learn what  this great utility has to offer.  Are you tired of typing the same comments in over and over again?  We will create pick lists and can even add pictures to them if you want.  Do you want to name your pictures based on a specific attribute?  We got you covered!  Come join nei’s Eric Bock for this ½ training workshop and you will leave with the ability to collect high quality data more efficiently!


Workshop Topics Include:

  • Data Dictionary Editor Overview
    • Data Types
    • New Features
    • Pictures
    • Import from file
    • Creating a Data Dictionary
      • Menu Attributes (Pick list, Radio Buttons, Check Box)
      • Assign Attributes
      • Insert Picture Attributes
      • Conditional Statements
      • Separators
      • Copy/Paste
      • Re-order
      • File name attributes
      • Renaming pictures based on attributes
      • Field Session





Processing Data in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software

Friday June 6th, 8am – 12pm


It is Friday afternoon and you just got in from the field and need to process your field data before you go home. At this moment, have you ever wished that you could plug your Trimble GPS into your computer and BAM, everything is done for you!  Come join nei’s Eric Bock for this ½ workshop and we will show you how to automate these processes.  We will customize the TerraSync software to make it more user friendly and create custom export formats to meet your company needs.  Don’t miss out on this one!


Workshop Topics Include:

  • Pathfinder Office Software Overview
  • Data Transfer
  • Load Background Image
  • Differential Correction
  • Exporting data to GIS
    • Google Earth
    • Esri Shapefile
    • Batch Processor
    • Configuration Files
    • TerraSync Studio




TerraSync High Accuracy Data Collection using Trimble H-star & Centimeter GeoExplorers with VRS and Post Processing

Friday June 6th, 1pm – 5pm



Do you need to collect High Accuracy GIS data?   Ever wonder why your GNSS data seems to be shifted about 1 meter from your aerial photo or existing datasets?  Well, this is the workshop that you need to attend.  We will configure your data collectors with the necessary settings to achieve great accuracies, and know what to look for when data isn’t lining up properly.  This session will include field sessions using VRS and Post Processed forms of data collection.


Workshop Topics Include:

  • Proper Data Collection Techniques
  • TerraSync Setup
    • Logging Settings
    • Real-time Settings
      • VRS using EGPS and Trimble VRSnow
  • Datums
  • Field Session


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