Trimble Access Software 2014-20 released

Trimble Access Software 2014-20 released couple of weeks ago with new feature

General Survey:

  • Enhancements to Trimble V10 imaging rover support
  • Enancements to Trimble CenterPoint RTX service support
  • Combine RTK and RTX in the same job
  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX service corrections via internet
  • Countdown timeer for RTX subscriptions purchased as blocks of hours
  • Reset RTK for Trimble R10 receiver
  • Adding receive frequencies to the rover receiver
  • Measuring Rapid points is faster
  • Improved reporting of adverse conditions during GNSS point measurement
  • Improved reporting of time remaining when measuring points during GNSS survey
  • Improved Reset counter dialog
  • Position compromised warning
  • Auto abandon setting for topo points
  • confirmation dialog when an Observed Control Point is automatically abandoned
  • More stakeout display options when staking out during a GNSS survey
  • Staking out a line by azimuth
  • Smooth Curve control code feature codes
  • Default setting for Job properties fields
  • Improved message when job has missing grid field
  • More information shown for GNSS files
  • User interface improvements for battery status
  • User interface improvements for connected correction source
  • User interface for Joystick improved
  • Refreshed Trimble keyboard layout for the Trimble Tablet
  • Overwrite duplicate point during conventional survey
  • Store and reorient after a Resection or Station setup plus
  • Acess the GeoXR camera from the instrument menu
  • Trimble R10 receiver transmit power level
  • Rover and base softkeys for external radio connections
  • updated radio names for Base radio mode
  • M2M SIM care support
  • Coordinate system database updates
  • Documentation updates

For more information about the new features, installing the software and Licenses on the controller, resolved issues and other Modules please click on the following link

Release Notes Access 2014-20

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