Trimble April New Releases

Trimble Business Center Software Version 3.20

 Trimble® Business Center software, version 3.20, includes over 40 new enhancements that increase customer efficiency and streamline workflows.Geospatial professionals now have access to an improved processing and analysis experience. With an integrated and powerful new point cloud engine, users can visualize and edit large point clouds while simultaneously working with high-resolution imagery. Combining these rich data sets into a single workflow saves time and reduces the potential for conversion errors.


Trimble RealWorks Software Version 8.1

The latest release of Trimble® RealWorks® software, version 8.1, provides surveyors and laser scanning professionals with enhanced tools that make it easier to visualize and interpret scan data.


Trimble Geo 7X Operating System Version 6.7.12

An update to the Operating System for Geo 7X handhelds is now released and available.

Trimble Geo 7X Operating System v6.7.11 to v6.7.12 – UPDATE PACKAGE

Operating system version 6.7.12 includes the following updates:

• A fix for an issue where in some instances battery consumption was greater than normal when the handheld was placed in Suspend mode while using the TerraSync™ software.

• Miscellaneous system bug fixes.

• Rangefinder utility version 1.1.1

• Translation improvements.

Please read through the Trimble Geo 7X Operating System 6.7.12 – RELEASE NOTES for installation instructions


Trimble Rangefinder Utility Version 1.1 for Geo 7

An update to the Trimble Rangefinder Utility for Geo 7X handhelds is now released and available on our website under downloads.

Trimble recommends all customers upgrade to this version. The  version 1.1 release includes bug fixes and stability improvements to the Trimble Rangefinder Utility as well as inclusion of the Trimble automatic update feature, which allows the utility to periodically automatically check for the availability of future updates and releases. This release of the Trimble Rangefinder Utility is bundled with the latest version of the Geo 7X Operating System (version 6.7.12).

 Trimble Geo 7 Series Rangefinder Utility v1.1 – INSTALLER

New features and changes

 This release includes the following updates:

• The Rangefinder laser now times out instead of returning false measurements when targeting objects beyond the usable range of the laser.

• The Rangefinder utility no longer reports incorrect inclination angles below -45 degrees and above +45 degrees.

• The vertical height offset of the laser is now correctly applied to Offset workflows.

• When the Rangefinder utility is minimized, the targeting cross-hair no longer remains on screen.

• The Japanese language localization has been fixed to not use incorrect translations and strings.

• The Trimble auto-updating function has been added. With this release (and when the handheld is connected to the Internet), the Rangefinder utility can automatically alert you that new versions of the Rangefinder utility are available. These can be downloaded directly to the handheld.

• Various miscellaneous language translation fixes.

 Please read through the Trimble Geo 7 Series Rangefinder Utility v1.1 – RELEASE NOTES for installation instructions


Trimble Trident Software Version 6.1

The latest release of Trimble® Trident™ software, version 6.1, provides greater automation in laser data registration. Surface data can now be automatically detected and easily registered with other collected data.

Trimble eCognition Software Version 9.0

The latest release of Trimble® eCognition® software, version 9.0, simplifies and reduces the time taken to classify objects in imagery data sets using the new template matching function.


Trimble Access Field Software Version 2014.10

Trimble Access™ software, with the release of version 2014.10, now includes a V10 Imaging Rover camera calibration routine that collects pairs of images from the V10 that are then processed in Trimble Business Center to evaluate if the calibration of the cameras is still within specification.

Trimble Access Roads has a new graphical stakeout interface for staking out Trimble and LandXML roads which significantly streamlines the workflow and provides better assurance that you are staking the correct position. In addition, Tablet users have the ability to review the road design in three dimensions, enabling better evaluation of critical aspects of the road such as road intersections and freeway ramps.


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