Trimble Business Center v 3.40 (64-bit)

Trimble Business Center v 3.40 (64-bit)

Trimble released Trimble Business Center v 3.40 (64-bit) including new features, for Trimble vision, General survey, CAD and drafting, Corridors, System support, Machine control, ease of use. Also in the release they resolved several issues, added miscellaneous notes, system requirements and step by step on how to install and update the software.

  • Trimble vision:

o   Trimble V10 adjustment without position

o   CAD objects creation and direct measurement on station views

o   Export Trimble vision images to Trimble SketchUp

o   Compass reading no longer influences the bundle adjustment

  • General survey:

o   Set elevations below zero to positive/mirror elevations

o    Export GNSS raw data to RINEX

  • CAD and drafting

o   Create labeled contours

o   Label Contours by crossing

o   Create vertical arcs in linestrings

o   Plot gridded plan sheets using Dynaview Boundary Collections

o   Manage grid styles

o   Create and use hatching

  • Corridors

o   Navigate between stations along an alignment

o   Reuse corridor templates

o   Copy and paste from Microsoft Excel

o   Use negative sideslopes

  • System Support

o   Convert to RINEX utility included in the installation package

o   Export Trimble Access pipeline data

o   xFill-RTX support

o   Order Marketplace data without coordinate system

o   Exchange files with Trimble Connect

  • Machine Control

o   Launch VisionLink from within Trimble Business Center

o   Create a VisionLink Project

o   Publish surfaces and linework to VisionLink

  • Ease-of-Use

o   Float Plan and 3D Views

o   Use enhanced functions for External Services

o   Command line shortcuts

  • Miscellaneous notes:

o   VCE compatibility

o   Translated Help and Tutorials

o   Tutorials PDF

o   Windows 8 users

o   Windows XP users

o   Knows issue with KMZ panoramas

o   TabletSync transfers

o   TSPX file format

o   3D PDF

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