Trimble Debuts New Rapid Positioning System to Simplify Layout for Building Contractors

Trimble Debuts New Rapid Positioning System to Simplify Layout for Building Contractors

MUNICHJan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today the Trimble® Rapid Positioning System, a simplified layout solution for building construction professionals. The Trimble Rapid Positioning System includes the Trimble RPT600 Layout Station to layout points and capture as-built measurements and Trimble Field Link 2D software running on a performance tablet to control the layout station. The solution enables contractors to record and find positions for layout points including foundation layout, anchor bolts, walls, ceilings and hangers on the construction jobsite.

The new system was announced at BAU 2015, one of the world’s leading trade fairs dedicated to building design and construction, which draws more than 200,000 attendees.

The Trimble Rapid Positioning System is the first layout solution specifically designed to meet the demands of interior and exterior building construction applications. The Trimble RPT600 Layout Station features an easy single-button set-up workflow—Trimble Autostationing—that enables the system to self-locate to automatically determine its position relative to the jobsite with no leveling required. This feature allows contractors to get started faster and with less technical expertise. Building contractors have specialized requirements in collecting and locating layout points, often needing to locate points directly above where their layout tool is positioned. With a unique twin handled design, ceiling layout for contractors can be completed quickly with unobstructed vertical views.

“Building construction has unique needs and unique users,” said Bryn Fosburgh, vice president responsible for Trimble’s Construction Technology Divisions. “The system was designed from the start to enable the construction community to work with precision and reduce the need for rework, but without the specialized knowledge required to operate a solution designed for geospatial applications. This can give contractors more flexibility in staffing layout and as-built data collection tasks.”

Running on the tablet, Trimble Field Link 2D software enables contractors to view their 2D design files and layout points via Trimble VISION™ technology that allows users to remotely see and measure through a live video feed from the instrument on their data controller. This enables the contractor to set-up the tool in the most convenient location.

Trimble Field Link 2D introduces a new, simplified user interface and workflows designed for the building contractor. This new system provides increased flexibility to the layout team to use layout points created in the office or easily create points in the field.

The round-trip workflow from office to field is seamless for contractors when combining Trimble Field Link 2D and Trimble Connect, a powerful cloud-based construction collaboration platform. Up-to-date files are easily downloaded and uploaded through Trimble Connect enabling collaboration throughout the project from model coordination meeting to delivering final design files for the owner.

With an intuitive interface and easy workflow set-up, contractors can quickly take full advantage of the Trimble Rapid Positioning System, while leveraging Trimble’s advanced positioning technology to ensure accuracy and complete layout projects more efficiently.


The Trimble RPT600 Layout Station and Trimble Field Link 2D software is available now.

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