Announcing: Trimble TSC7 Controller Version 2

Trimble announced the release of version 2 of the Trimble TSC7 controller this week. This update includes improvements to battery life and extra storage capacity.

New Look Trimble TSC7: Hard Working as Ever

The flagship Trimble® TSC7 controller, puts all of Trimble’s survey industry expertise in the palm of your hand. We’ve improved battery life and storage capacity so as your business grows, the capability of the rugged and reliable TSC7 keeps pace. You can work when and how you want and continue delivering your potential.

What to look out for in the new look TSC7 v2 controller:

  • Extended battery life makes the TSC7 more power efficient, keeping you in the field as long as you need to be.
  • Increased storage with storage of 128 GB it can handle more complex project data.
  • A new keypad gives the TSC7 v2 controller a sleek new look.


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