Clarification on the Purchasing Process for UAS Commercial Customers

NEI on behalf of Trimble would like to clarify the process for UAS customers intending to operate in FAA controlled airspace (USA and dependent territories). Per current regulations, each commercial entity operating a UAS must obtain a 333 exemption to conduct legal flights.

Trimble will accept orders for UAS from commercial customers (i.e. end users via nei) who can demonstrate they have applied for a 333 exemption with the FAA for a Trimble branded airframe. The application for a 333 need not be granted by the FAA at the time of order, and the customer assumes the risk of the exemption not

being granted.  The application by an end user for a 333 exemption is deemed to be reasonable indication that the customer understands and intends to comply with applicable laws, and as such is no different than any product Trimble sells where reasonable efforts are made to ensure safe and legal use of the equipment.

These customers can also be trained on Trimble UAS prior to receiving their 333 exemptions, as training is conducted under Trimble’s 333 exemption and each flight has a Trimble instructor acting as pilot in command who can take control of the flight in the event of an emergency.

Please contact nei and our UAS Solutions Lead, Chad Hicks for more information and for assistance with applying for your 333 exemption.

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