HYSWEEP Multibeam Courses! Register Now!


HYSWEEP Multibeam Courses! Register Now!

During the next couple of months HYPACK, Inc. will be holding several HYSWEEP Multibeam Training Courses in 3 continents: Africa, Europe, and North America. Do not miss the opportunity to learn HYPACK®-HYSWEEP® 2015 and its powerful multibeam data collection and processing tools.
HYSWEEP Multibeam Training Course In Tampa, FL                                 Don’t Miss It!On March 2-4 2015, HYPACK Inc. will hold a three day Multibeam hands-on training course in Tampa, FL using our latest HYPACK® 2015 version. There will be an overview of sonar and hardware used for surveying work, setting up a survey vessel (HYPACK® and HYSWEEP®), hardware configuration, Geodesy, HYPACK Editors). HYPACK® and HYSWEEP® survey for data collection, data processing with MBMAX64, CUBE, and CLOUD. Data Processing with HYSCAN and Geocoder for backscatter data sets, system tests-Patch test and performance test, and final product productions using TIN Model and 3DTV.

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More HYSWEEP Multibeam Courses Scheduled!Our courses are a low cost opportunity for users to learn about the latest HYPACK® 2015 version and great opportunity to meet with our HYPACK Team.  Training certificates are available at the completion of the course.   Here are some of the upcoming courses scheduled: Please click on the underlined courses to view a detailed schedule and registration form!

Multibeam Course: March 2nd-4th: Tampa, FL 

Multibeam Course: April 20th-22nd: Southampton, UK

Multibeam Course: May 6th-8th: Lagos, Nigeria

Multibeam Course: November: Norfolk, VA    

For  additional information or to  register you can contact Training@hypack.com or call (860) 635-1500.  For additional training events, please visit our website: www.hypack.com
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