Trimble’s Pocket-Sized R1 GNSS Receiver Enables High-Accuracy Data Collection with Smart Devices




Today Trimble has released the new pocket-sized R1 GNSS Receiver that enables high-accuracy data collection with smart devices.

Improved GNSS positioning—on any device
For users challenged with collecting high-accuracy location data using their existing consumer-grade devices, the Trimble R1 receiver is the solution. No matter what smart device you choose—from iOS to Android—for collecting GIS data, inspecting, or managing assets, the Trimble R1 lets you achieve a greater level of reliable spatial accuracy than your current smart phone or tablet is able to provide on its own. 

Because the Trimble R1 is compatible with a variety of devices, your current technology investments are maximized, all while ensuring you collect reliable higher accuracy data. In addition, the investment made in your Trimble R1 GNSS receiver allows you to upgrade to the latest smart device or share the R1 between multiple devices whenever needed, saving you money and keeping you productive and efficient.

Professional data collection in more places
Capable of supporting multiple satellite constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, the Trimble R1 provides a truly global solution. Delivering GNSS positions in real-time without the need for postprocessing, correction sources such as SBAS, VRS, or RTX networks can be applied to suit your location and desired accuracy—giving you confidence in achieving reliable GNSS information anywhere in the world. 

Obtain submeter accuracy by using the Trimble R1 with the optional Trimble ViewPoint™ RTX™ service. Trimble ViewPoint RTX service* offered with the Trimble R1 provides internet-delivered submeter accuracy wherever cellular communications are available or over satellite L-band, even in remote locations. 

Support your daily GIS workflows
The Trimble R1 integrates with the flexible and robust workflows of Trimble Mapping & GIS software—including TerraFlex™, Trimble TerraSync™, and Trimble Positions™ software— or third-party applications. No matter what mobile device you use, Trimble’s professional data collection software means you can be certain your GIS is populated with quality data you can trust.

Built to work the way you do

Weighing just 187 g and measuring at 11.2 cm x 6.8 cm x 2.7 cm, the Trimble R1 can go wherever you go. Easily carry around the Trimble R1 as you perform all of your data collection and asset management tasks. The receiver can be pole-mounted, carried in a vest pocket, or attached to a belt using the optional belt pouch—giving you the flexibility to choose how you use it while keeping you streamlined and cable-free, thanks to wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Plus the all-day battery life means it will keep going as long as you do. Built to last with certified MIL-STD-810 ruggedness and IP65 rating, the Trimble R1 receiver won’t quit when the going gets tough.  

*RTX available through Trimble applications


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The Trimble R1 GNSS receiver is expected to be available in early March 2015 through Trimble’s authorized GIS Distribution Channel. To learn more, go to: or contact your local NEI Sales Representative:


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