Latest GNSS firmware now has automatic radio FW upgrading

Latest GNSS firmware now has automatic radio FW upgrading

Trimble has added new functionality to our GNSS receiver firmware for the current Trimble R10/R10LT and Trimble R8s. The latest firmware version (v5.03, released June 2015) and later, automatically checks if new radio firmware is required when loading receiver firmware. Note the affected receiver part number table below.

During the receiver firmware loading process, the firmware loading application checks the current radio firmware version to determine if the radio is using the correct radio firmware. If it is determined that the radio firmware is not the correct version, the correct radio firmware is loaded after the receiver firmware loading process is complete.

Currently, when using Winflash, Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) or the WebUI to load the latest release of firmware version 5.03, it is not obvious that loading of the correct radio firmware is currently in process. The radio firmware loading is done internally by the receiver after Winflash, TIM or the WebUI has completed its process. To complete the radio firmware loading, the receiver must remain powered on for up to 5 minutes after the Winflash, TIM or WebUI process is complete. If the receiver is powered down during the radio firmware loading process, the radio loading process will be incomplete. The next time the receiver is powered up and connected to Trimble Access or Winflash (within 5 minutes); the application will show a message saying the radio is not present.

Of course this can be alarming to the user and we are making every effort to improve this process before the next release of Winflash, TIM and the WebUI firmware loading application. Fortunately, the fix is very simple. All that is required is that the user power up the receiver and let it complete the radio firmware loading. No reloading of the receiver firmware is required. The receiver will detect that the radio firmware loading is not complete and automatically restart the radio firmware loading. After the 5 minute loading period, Trimble Access and Winflash will recognize the radio as present and functioning.

In the next release of Winflash, TIM and the WebUI receiver firmware loading applications, we will make the radio firmware loading process a lot more obvious. The plan is to display a notice in the firmware loading application that radio firmware loading is now in process.

Only Trimble R10, Trimble R10 LT and Trimble R8s are affected by this issue, Trimble R8, R6, R4, R7, R6 and Net R9 geospatial are not affected.

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