NEI announces addition of Microdrone and Delair-Tech products to extensive portfolio

NEI is pleased to announce we are now licensed distributors of Microdrone and Delair-Tech products!


Building upon the Trimble (TRMB) announcement that Delair-Tech and microdrones will jointly become official UAS suppliers for Trimble’s worldwide distribution network, NEI is please to announce they are now licensed dealers of both product brands. microdrones is now showcasing four new mapping solutions (called mdMapper).

Here is a brief overview of each, followed by links to fully explore each offering:

mdMapper200: Compact but robust, the md4-200 aircraft at the heart of this solution is lightweight and easy to transport – yet tough enough to stand up to rough weather and daily use. mdMapper200 is a reliable, professional solution that allows surveyors to map up to 30 hectares (74 acres) in one flight. It is integrated with a lightweight 20.1 megapixel camera and Nadir mount.

mdMapper1000: Featuring the microdrones md4-1000 to cover more area per flight, users enjoy the longest flying time (30-45 minutes, depending on conditions) and stability on the market, as well as resistance to rough winds, harsh weather, hot temperatures, high voltage, and strong magnetic fields. It is integrated with a 24 megapixel camera and Nadir mount.

mdMapper 1000DG: Direct georeferencing technology sets a new standard of efficiency. With mdMapper1000DG, surveyors achieve the highest level of data accuracy possible using fewer ground control points – or no ground control points at all and less overlap. Cover up to 90 hectares (223 acres) in one flight. It is integrated with a 42.4 megapixel camera and Nadir mount.

mdMapper 3000DG: This UAV can fly quicker, reach higher, and carry more. With a flight time up to 45 minutes, a payload of 3,000 – 7,000 grams (6.5 – 15 pounds), this solution opens up an entire new world of flexibility and opportunity. It is integrated with a true medium-format camera with up to 100 megapixel performance, direct georeferencing technology and a Nadir mount.

Optional Accessory Kits: Complementing the above packages are optional accessory kits that help professionals broaden their capabilities on site, or to expand their services to serve new markets.

+m (multi-spectral imaging): captures five spectral bands for precision agriculture applications

+t (thermal mapping): captures thermal data to detect heat issues in agriculture, environment, solar panels, or infrastructure inspection applications

+i (inspection feature): transforms your mdMapper1000 into a powerful visual inspection tool for buildings and infrastructure

“We offer the best range of products for aerial mapping using multi-copters,” said microdrones president, Vivien Heriard Dubreuil. “We’re looking forward to helping many Trimble surveying customers produce exceptional results on the job.”

Surveyors who are interested in learning more about microdrones mapping solutions can contact their NEI sales representative for more information.



 Delair-Tech, a leader in professional drones, helps companies make better decisions based on data from its long-range drones and unique post-processing services. This French start-up, created in 2011 by four young engineers, provides professionals with unprecedented datasets, collected and analyzed by the first drones in the world certified for flying operations outside the pilot’s line of sight. Delair-Tech also offers an integrated solution for processing the data, as a decision-making tool for various sectors of industry. Delair-Tech is already represented in more than 80 countries and has 100 employees involved in many areas such as agriculture, linear infrastructures, energy, mining and construction. Visit


 microdrones was founded in Germany in 2005, with the launch of groundbreaking unmanned aerial vehicles. As the pioneer of the professional quadcopter Industry, microdrones has developed solutions based on reliable VTOL drones, with a heritage of German engineering and quality.

By integrating the most capable and dependable platform with the right payloads and dedicated processing, microdrones has implemented professional solutions in Europe, Asia, and North America. A global leader in commercial UAVs, microdrones offers local sales, training, and services centers across three continents, to serve customers around the world. Visit

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