Trimble TerraFlex Add-in for ArcMap: February 2017 Release


Trimble has recently announced that an updated version of Trimble® TerraFlex™ add-in for ArcMap® is now available.

The TerraFlex add-in enables you to create projects straight from your Esri® GIS and download collected data directly back into it. There are no import and export processes to manage, meaning higher data quality and greater productivity for your organization.

From the TerraFlex add-in you can publish templates for data collection in TerraFlex using the fields defined in your GIS. If you need to update existing GIS data, simply select the features and send them straight to the field using TerraFlex tasks. Once the data has been collected, download it directly into your GIS with a simple button click.

New features in this release:

  • Support for Esri ArcGIS 10.5.
  • Feature type library: The feature type library will speed up project creation if you create multiple projects from the same feature classes in your GIS. You can store your auto fields and accuracy requirements in the library, and then automatically load them during new project creation.
  • Support for collecting and editing point features in geometric networks: With the TerraFlex add-in you can check-in newly collected features—for example pipes or valves—into a geometric network. You can also update features which participate in a geometric network without breaking network connectivity.
  • Support for orthometric feature heights: You can now configure the TerraFlex add-in to store features with Mean Sea Level (MSL) heights using a geoid model.
  • Performance improvements when downloading forms.


The updated add-in is available to download now.

For more information, contact your local NEI sales representative our office.

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