Software Update: Trimble Access 2013.00


Trimble Access 2013.00 Key Features

  • Trimble Slate support
  • Support for the new models of GNSS receiver; R8-4, R6-4, R4-3
  • Improved ‘finger friendly’ menu system – including shortening of some menu names
  • Settings such as last used options and methods and prism configurations are now retained after an upgrade from version 2012.20
  • Surface area and Volume calculations
    • Please note that it is a little unclear in the documentation how to access this function. Surface area and volume calculations are possible through surface creation, and can be accessed when creating a surface from the Tap n hold menu of the Map. The documentation will be improved in the next software release.
  • New Auto abandon and Re-measure options for re-measuring a Topo point or Observed control point with excess tilt or excess movement
  • GLONASS support in RT Differential surveys
  • Improvements to Roads, Tunnels
  • Improvements to Land Seismic – including support for conventional instruments in seismic surveys, which means Land Seismic can now be run on-board Trimble M3 and Trimble S3 total stations.
  • Translations in 7 languages on TCC of the administration tools for organization registration, Manage Users and Manage Sites, as well the user navigation page and newly created project sites


Please see the Release notes for more information.


The Trimble Access 2013.00 Release Notes and Help files are available in PDF format from the Trimble Access Help Home Page on TCC.



Please remember all controllers with valid software maintenance are now entitled to an AccessSync license; translations of TCC should now help with adoption of this technology.

AccessSync makes file transfer between the controller and office computer simple and fast, regardless of whether the controller is in the office, or in some remote location!


Trimble Access 2013.00 is available for installation now using the Trimble Access Installation Manager.

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2013.00, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to 1 February 2013.

Important Note for TCU Model 1 and 2

Trimble Access 2013.00 is not available for installation on Trimble CU Models 1 and 2, they have insufficient memory to run version 2013.00.

Trimble Access Videos

A selection of short videos are now available on Partners   (

These videos demonstrate how to carry out tasks within the Trimble Access software in the following areas:

  • GENIO Roads
  • Trimble Roads
  • Mines
  • Tunnels
  • Trimble Access Services & AccessSync




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