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Just a few   hours ago, Autodesk debuted Project Memento, a new software that creates   hi-res, watertight meshes with massive datasets for 3D printing and other   applications for the AEC market’s building information modeling (BIM) sector.

Need more proof of Autodesk’s plans for 3D printing? Check this out: the 3D   design and engineering giant is now bundling a one-year premium membership of   its 123D software suite with a MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer to   create a “personal design factory.” The cost is $2,249.   .

Read more   about Autodesk’s new Project Memento and Recap Pro here.

Here’s   more of today’s headlines:

UPS offers nation’s first retail 3D printing service

4,300-unit chain of business service centers to use 5 Stratasys 3D   printers

New ArcGIS release promotes Web GIS
Esri’s new version of flagship mapping software heavy on biz intel apps

Augmented reality reaches mining industry

Maptek’s PerfectDig software compares ongoing excavation with 3D mine   design plans for conformance

Save the date for International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2014!
February 17-19, 2014
Hyatt Regency Denver
Denver Colorado

3D imaging firm captures $3.5 mil’ airborne   mapping contract

Intermap   uses radar mapping technology on pair of Lear jets

Z+F OEM-supplies Pentax brand with high-speed laser   scanners
Japan-based TI Asahi Co. said it needs phase-based scanners ‘to meet   versatile demands of its customers’

3D Systems’ cloud-based design software buy raises   stakes in AEC market

Collaboration software vendor TeamPlatform competes with Autodesk 360

New 3D mobile mapping software supports any hardware   setup

Orbit   GT’s Mobile Mapping Asset Inventory (AIM) software can switch views between   panoramic, 3D and planar within single measurement

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