Spectra Precision® LL100N – A New, Updated Version of the LL100

Consumers reached out to Spectra, and Spectra listened.

The new LL100N has many improvements over its predecessor, the popular Spectra LL100. The fully automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® Laser sets a new standard in rugged reliability, handling a wide variety of general construction applications.

General Overview of Improvements: 

Better Hardware. Replaced plastic threaded tripod insert with a brass threaded insert for easier engagement and durability.

Simplified keypad. Turn it on and go. With only one button, there is no confusion about powering on and off. If a single axis manual slope is required, it can still be done with the optional RC601 remote control.

Increased Work Range. The working range of the LL100N has increased by 150, for a max range of 1150 ft. (350 meters).

Software Issues Resolved. The software for field calibration has been updated. In certain cases, units would travel to the limits and stop, not allowing the system to be calibrated. In addition to these bug fixes, the software has been modified to ensure better field calibration results.

Leveling Crew In a Case:

A tripod and choice of grade rod is included with the LL100N and HR320 receiver in one hard-shelled, portable system carrying case. Easy to transport, carry, store and use, the LL100N is also available in a package with laser and receiver only in a small case.

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