Trimble Catalyst

High Accuracy Positions on Your Device – Trimble Catalyst

Collect accurate data faster and easier by simply plugging the Trimble® Catalyst™ DA1 antenna into your Android™ tablet or smartphone. Select the subscription that matches your accuracy needs and choose the applications that meet the needs of your workflow.

Trimble Corrections Hub

Trimble Corrections Hub offers a zero configuration solution for choosing the best correction source available to you in your current location. The Trimble Catalyst system will choose between SBAS, Trimble RTX, or Trimble VRS Now GNSS corrections depending on your subscription and location while the Trimble Corrections Hub operates in a common datum, dynamically switching as required based on your correction source. Furthermore, you can configure your device to connect to third party correction sources for when you’re outside the Trimble VRS Now coverage area; this requires a Sub-meter, Precision or Decimeter subscription.

Subscribe to an Accuracy Level Based on Your Needs

Trimble offers various subscriptions of Trimble Catalyst with the ability to adjust as your needs change. Subscriptions are based on positional accuracy and start at one Meter. Intermediate subscriptions include Sub-meter and Decimeter variants, and for the user that requires maximum accuracy, a Precision subscription is available.

Apps From Trimble and Third Party Trimble Partners

Trimble Catalyst will not only work with applications from Trimble, but also with a variety of apps developed by Trimble partners. For a complete list of Catalyst enabled third party apps please see Trimble Catalyst can also be used with any third party application that is not Catalyst-enabled by sharing its position over location services on your Android device.

Mounting Options for Trimble Catalyst DA1

The Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna can be mounted on a standard ⅝ inch thread. The threaded adapter is designed to be either unscrewed after each use, or simply left on the pole and pushed on to fit the rubber housing on the bottom of the antenna. Additionally, it can be mounted on a rigid pole with a 1 ¼ inch (32 mm) diameter for applications where mounting on the threaded adapter is not optimal.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge Trimble Catalyst positioning technology on your Android smartphone or
  • Positional accuracy based on your needs—1 Meter, Sub-Meter, Decimeter, or Precision
  •  A variety of apps available from both Trimble and third party partners
  • Several mounting options for the Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna and more to come
  • Automatic datum handling via Trimble Corrections Hub

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