Trimble Geo7X Important OS Updates and Rangefinder Application Enhancements


Trimble MGIS has just released an important Operating System (OS) update and an enhanced Rangefinder application for the Geo7X.  We recommend that all users upgrade to this operating system version and Rangefinder App.  Please read over the release notes and user guides linked below because there are a ton of new valuable enhancements and bug fixes that will increase the ease of use and your productivity.

Installation Instructions

  1. Backup data
  2. Install the Trimble Geo7X Operating System 6.7.13 – English Full OS
  3. Verify your OS version under start/settings/system folder and system information
  4. Install the Rangefinder Application v1.20
  5. Set the Laser Rangefinder Application to the Center Button (Start/Settings/Personal/Buttons)
  6. Run the Rangefinder App.  It will ask to calibrate
  7. After calibration, the software will ask to align the module with the camera.  Align at this time.
  8. Verify the Rangefinder Application Version (Settings/About Rangefinder)
  9. Install TerraSync 
  10. Activate TerraSync




Operating system version 6.7.13 (released June 2014)

  • Resolves an issue identified with the 6.7.12 Operating System that caused some units to lose registry settings or to have difficulty rebooting after upgrading from 6.7.11.
  • For users with operating system version 6.7.12 ***IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW***
    • For users with operating system version 6.7.12, operating system 6.7.13 is available as a FULL OS image only.
  • For users with operating system version 6.7.11
    • For users with operating system version 6.7.11, operating system 6.7.13 can be installed using the FULL OS image and is also available as an update package. Installing the update package preserves user-installed software, data and settings.
  •  For users with operating system version 6.7.10 or earlier
    • For users with earlier operating system versions, operating system 6.7.13 can be installed using the FULL OS image. To upgrade to operating system version 6.7.13 without resetting the device to factory settings, you can update the operating system from earlier versions to version 6.7.11, then apply the 6.7.11 to 6.7.13 update package.


Bundled applications and GNSS firmware

The individual language 6.7.13 OS installer files include:

    • GNSS firmware version 4.00.10

The multi-language provisioned 6.7.13 OS installation file includes:

    • GNSS firmware version 4.00.10
    • Trimble Rangefinder Utility version 1.1
    • Trimble TerraFlex™ field client software



Please read through the release notes before installing the update. Trimble Geo 7X Operating System 6.7.13 – RELEASE NOTES


Option 1 (Recommended).  Install the full OS.  This will delete all data and programs, so  backup any data before proceeding with this option.

    • Download the Trimble Geo 7X Operating System v6.7.13 – ENGLISH – FULL OS
    • Backup all your data if applicable
    • Copy the Geo7Upg_54771_WE.CAB onto the Geo7X My Documents folder
    • Make sure to plug the Geo7X into power
    • Run File Explorer on the Geo7X and browse to the update file
    • Click on the update file to install
    • Follow onscreen directions


Option 2.  Install the update package if applicable (Most NEI customers wont use this option)

Trimble® Rangefinder Utility Version 1.20





Features and changes -June 2014 V1.20 (Minor update)


New features and application behavior:

    • Repeat Measurement mode. Allows all measurement modes to have multiple measurements made without minimizing the application at the acceptance step. Useful for multi-step workflows, for example, when trying  to capture multiple measurements of a single asset using a 3-shot Height workflow; using Repeat Measurement mode, the need to re-measure the distance and base for each repeated height is eliminated.
    • Bluetooth output. Support added for using Rangefinder on the Geo 7X handheld with a separate field computer (for example a Windows® Tablet). Both Rangefinder NMEA measurements and the Geo 7X handheld’s GNNS raw NMEA stream can be output via Bluetooth and consumed by a device that is paired to the handheld.
  • Copy results to clipboard. All Rangefinder measurements are copied to the virtual clipboard, and can be pasted in to any other text field on an application running on the handheld.
  • 3-point Height workflow. The workflow for 3-point heights now captures measurements in the order 1) Distance, 2) Base angle, 3) Top angle.
  • Audio feedback. Workflows and button presses have been supplemented with audio feedback to better indicate if measurements were successful or otherwise. This feature can be disabled under Settings for those who prefer silent operation.
  • Improved camera visibility. Added a feature (HALO) that boosts targeting efficiency in harsh ambient lighting conditions. HALO is accessible directly from the video targeting screen with a simple toggle switch.Updated icons.
  • Updated the look and feel of the on-camera icons to better match the rest of the interface. The zoom +/- icons are now also split out into three different zoom states. To keep the targeting screen clear and easy to use, on camera icons (Zoom controls and the HALO icon) now auto-hide after a period of 5 seconds if they have not been used. To make them re-appear, just tap the display. Tap again to make them auto-hide.
  • Updated cross-hairs. Cross-hairs now change as your workflow steps change to better indicate the type of measurement you are performing.
  • About screen and installed version reporting. The currently installed version is reported in the new About screen, accessible in the Settings menu. It shows the full version including build number so that it is easier to compare your release to new build numbers.


Resolved issues:

        • [RFU-13] – Cross-hairs are displayed and pointer is active after Rangefinder has been minimised.
  • [RFU-14] – Rangefinder sometimes crashes when you perform sensor alignment from inside Rangefinder.
  • [RFU-23] – If device suspends with Rangefinder active, sometimes the Home screen shows on resume.
  • [RFU-31] – Cross-hairs are displayed and pointer is active after the device has been suspended.
  • [RFU-35] – Inclination and Bearing mode sometimes position the cross-hair in the wrong place.
  • [RFU-71] – Rangefinder sometimes crashes after waking up from suspend.
  • [RFU-73] – Bearing and inclination not taking take device roll into account during angle computation.
  • [RFU-74] – Laser pointer stays on during sensor calibration.
  • [RFU-109] – Cross-hairs no longer function after screen rotation.
  • [RFU-110] – Rangefinder utility still has control of keypad buttons after pressing the Home key.
  • [RFU-217] – Menus don’t scroll until after you have tapped the display.
  • [RFU-235] – Workflow step and results UI in sensor view is scrollable.
  • [RFU-245] – Video preview turns grey when you change system volume controls.



Please read through the release notes before proceeding with the update Trimble Geo 7 Rangefinder Utility – RELEASE NOTES

Trimble Geo 7 Rangefinder Utility version 1.20 – USER GUIDE

Please contact NEI Support if you have any questions or comments regarding these new updates.


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