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Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT Receiver Back in StockTrimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRTTrimble is reintroducing the GPS Pathfinder® ProXRT receiver. If you rely on GIS workflows and OmniSTAR support you again have access to this versatile, reliable system.

The GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver is a high-precision GNSS receiver, ideal for GIS data collection and maintenance applications that require high accuracy in real time. The receiver offers the following key features:

  • Worldwide decimeter accuracy in real time with support for OmniSTAR HP and with Trimble H-Star® technology. Achieve subfoot accuracy with OmniSTAR XP or G2, and submeter with OmniSTAR VBS.
  • Optional GLONASS support with the OmniSTAR G2 service to increase the number of GNSS satellites observed when working in the field for improved positioning productivity.
  • Rugged—works in extreme temperatures and environments with an internal all-day battery.
  • Choice of Trimble Nomad® G or Juno® series handheld, field software, and field mountings to suit a variety of applications.

To learn more about the Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver review the datasheet or web page on

Horizontal RuleUpdated Trimble Positions Software Suite

The Trimble® Positions™ software suite is the streamlined choice for integrating Trimble’s professional field solutions and data verification into the Esri ArcPad workflow and Esri ArcGIS for Windows Mobile environment for optimal speed and integrity. Both the Positions suite and Toolkit have been updated to include the following enhancements and updates:

  • You can now work with offsets and rangefinders to capture data in situations where previously it was impractical or unsafe to do so with the addition of the following functionality:
    • Distance-bearing offset functionality for points and vertices.
    • Line offset functionality for polyline and polygon features.
    • Support for the Trimble LaserAce™ 1000 and LTI TruPulse 360B laser rangefinders.
  • The Trimble Positions Desktop add-in can now be used in organizations deploying Citrix or roaming profiles.
  • Now available in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Japanese.
  • Added to the Mapping & GIS Educator program, so educational institutions can have access to the software at special educator pricing.
  • Reference the release notes for full details of all updates at this release.

To learn more about Trimble Positions software suite review the datasheet or web page on


What is Trimble doing for Local Government?websiteIt’s now easier than ever to find the geospatial solutions that help local governments make informed decisions for their communities, because the new website for Trimble’s Local Government business is now live.

With relevant content for multiple levels and stakeholders throughout municipal organizations, the website is designed help local governments effectively address some of the most essential challenges today: revenue generation, team efficiency, and citizen satisfaction. This website provides fast and easy navigation to Trimble resource, project, and sustainability management solutions for local governments.

To view the Trimble Local Government website, visit

Should you have questions about local government solutions from Trimble, please
Horizontal RuleGeospatial Solutions in Action

From asset management to the surveying of underground utilities, from architecture planning for building redesign to high accuracy mapping anywhere—Trimble solutions enable municipalities to work quickly and efficiently.

Scroll through this interactive presentation to see how customers are solving a wide range of challenges with Trimble geospatial solutions.
Horizontal RuleTrimble in the News: Signed Up For Success

Professional Surveyor, March 2013

A decades-old law requires U.S. states to regulate billboards along the nation’s highways. An Illinois firm recognized the challenge as an opportunity to utilize new technology and create added business.

Read the article here.


 Global Services – Extended Warranties, Technical Support, Training, and Repair Services
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software: Exporting File Geodatabases for Esri ArcGIS version 10.1Please refer to the support note here, which explains how to successfully export file geodatabases for Esri version 10.1 ArcGIS software from the Trimble® GPS Pathfinder® office software.


 Conferences & Exhibitions
Visit Trimble at a Conference or Seminar Near You!Trimble will be attending and presenting at conferences and seminars throughout the world in the coming month. Don’t miss the opportunity to come to see our latest products, talk to Trimble professionals and gain hands-on experience.

You can view a full list of conferences and seminars here: Mapping & GIS Calendar

Cansel Perspectives 2013

Discover the power of Trimble at the following events, aimed at demonstrating processes that will increase your field to finish productivity.

  • April 25th – Toronto
  • May 7th – Vancouver, B.C.
  • May 8th – Edmonton, Alberta
  • May 9th – Calgary, Alberta

Presentations will include the Trimble Positions mobile data collection software suite, Trimble Realworks® with the Trimble TX5, Trimble Access Services with the R10 and new advancements to Trimble Business Center.

Cost is FREE but spaces are limited. To register and for full details, click here.


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