AccessSync Services will no longer be supported on TSC2


“As a user of Trimble AccessSync services  on your Trimble TSC2, we need to make you aware that effective  July 7th , 2016, AccessSync will no longer be supported on TSC2 devices, due to the expiry of SHA-1 certificates and limitation of support by Microsoft.  While your TSC2 controller will still operate, you will no longer be able to use the latest AccessSync Service.



In November 2013, Microsoft announced that it is deprecating the use of the Secure Hash Algorithm-1 (SHA-1) in SSL and code signing certificates. The older and less secure algorithms started being phased out in 2015-2016 by the providers of SSL certificates, to ensure that the new and improved algorithms are being used.


Unfortunately the operating system on Trimble TSC2 and Trimble CU controllers only supports the SHA-1 security algorithm and does not support the newer algorithms. This means we are unable to provide a secure method for these devices to communicate with our AccessSync servers.  Trimble takes the security of your communications and data very seriously and therefore can no longer offer the Trimble AccessSync service on Trimble TSC2 and Trimble CU controllers after 7th July, 2016.


Please note that Trimble Access v2016.00 cannot be installed on Trimble TSC2 controllers.



The Trimble TSC3 controller is the latest data collector available from Trimble and fully supports AccessSync Services.  NEI can offer you a $1,000 trade in credit for your TSC2 towards a new TSC3 controller so that you can continue to streamline your workflow using AccessSync.  Please contact NEI with any questions that you may have or to inquire about trading in your TSC2.


TSC3 users using AccessSync will also be impacted by this issue; these users will need to upgrade to the latest TSC3
Operating System version 3.0.3 if they wish to continue to use AccessSync. This can be downloaded from


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