Trimble Business Center v3.70 Release

Trimble Business Center v3.70 Release

TBC 3.70

We are pleased to announce Trimble Business Center software v3.70. This release provides many new tools and enhancements in CAD and Drafting, Point Cloud Operations, and TBC Project Management. These features help users efficiently merge data from previous jobs into new projects and create rich final deliverables.


The new features in TBC v3.70 include:·         Merging of survey data from multiple TBC projects in a single master project

·         Feature Definition Manager options to automatically skip above ground objects when creating surfaces

·         Easy toggling between Global and Local coordinates to simplify site calibration

·         GIS Module enhancements including the ability to retrieve existing data from a geodatabase

·         CAD and Drafting enhancements including dynamic scale bars, new labelling options, and easy filet and chamfer operations

·         Automatic ground extraction from point clouds to get results faster

·         Spatial and random point cloud sampling for greater efficiency

TBC v3.70 is expected to be released in April 2016.

To learn more about TBC v3.70 see the Release Notes and other materials on

Be sure check out and attend the TBC Power Hour webinar series for quick tips and learn more about what the software has to offer.

To learn why TBC is the complete office software enabling field-to-finish workflows with confidence, take a look at the Product Bulletin.

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